UPPER ROOM Prayer Altar

What is a prayer meeting?

Our church’s prayer meeting is in the form of an “UPPER ROOM Prayer Altar” to enter the spiritual experience of being with God. Some prayers are more traditional, such as singing hymns, reading the Bible, sharing, asking for prayer items, etc., and then praying for each prayer item one by one. This kind of prayer meeting is a habit, and it is relatively formulaic. Every prayer meeting follows the same template, but the prayer items are different. Sometimes, the prayer requests are the same for several weeks, making the participants feel dull and dull. Is the prayer meeting to report our needs to God, to repeat the same words to others, or to experience God through prayer? Does the whole meeting spend more time praying or more time sharing and discussing? Doesn’t God know our needs? If a one- to two-hour prayer meeting takes more than an hour to share and discuss, how much time is left for real prayer? Sometimes Bible study is added to fill up the time. Is this still considered a prayer meeting? We need to admit that we really don’t know how to pray.

Such a prayer meeting ignores several core issues:

  1. The prayer meeting is not to report to God but to enter and experience the mighty presence and power of God.
  2. Can the prayer meeting be held only on intellectual knowledge without “igniting the fire,” entering the “spiritual realm,” entering the “operation of the Holy Spirit” and “spiritual state”.
  3. Prayer meetings are not knowledge learning; no Bible study is required, prayer is prayer, and you need to enter various prayers, such as spontaneous prayer, kneeling prayer, worship prayer, raising hands to pray, calling out to pray, praying in tongues, pray with authority, pray with proclamation, etc.

Prayer meetings need to focus to the following things:

  1. Practice of prayer methods: Prayer meetings are the testing ground for “biblical truths” and the best place to practice various prayers. All biblical truths and teachings about prayer can be practiced in prayer meetings.
  2. The sense of participation of the participants: There should be no “bystanders” in the prayer meeting. Every participant needs to seize the opportunity and devote himself to the flow of prayer.
  3. Be sensitive to the “flow of prayer”: Participants need to learn to be sensitive to the “flow of prayer” or “the flow of the Holy Spirit” and feel the movement of the Holy Spirit in worship. Christians who are sensitive to the Holy Spirit will feel it from the pulpit and screens pouring into the congregation.
  4. The effect of “ignition”: the prayer meeting must have “fire” and the effect of “ignition.” It means that the hearts of the participants are “ignited,” moved, and heated so that the fire of prayer can be passed on in the scope of life.
  5. How God listens to prayers: God responds or answers your prayers with a small voice. In worship, intercession, pastor’s ministries, brothers and sisters’ intercession, how does God respond to our family, children, work, society, country, unfairness, injustice, unfavorable times, accidents, tribulations, shocks, etc., so that we can gain peace and relief.
  6. The supernatural intervention of the Holy Spirit: Pay attention to whether you and those around you are healed because in the flow of the Holy Spirit and the presence of God, it is common for supernatural healing to occur.

UPPER ROOM Prayer Altar

The prayer meeting will be held in the form of an “UPPER ROOM Prayer Altar,” which has the following characteristics:

  1. Every Wednesday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, there is a two-hour prayer meeting. First, “worship and praise” for an hour or more, let the Holy Spirit move in the venue, and cleanse all unclean spiritual power.
  2. Let worship, praise, and prayer become fragrant sacrifices to God, and let God use worship, praise, and prayer to build His throne and sit among His people.
  3. Let the powerful prayer break through all the spiritual oppression of the enemy devil on earth so that prayer can reach the throne of God without hindrance.
  4. In the prayer altar, the participants prayed loudly spontaneously, without intercession items, only to lead the prayers one by one in the flow of the Holy Spirit according to the inspiration.
  5. In the next half an hour, the pastor will serve the participants according to the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, such as anointing the participants one by one, praying for healing, praying for the filling of the Holy Spirit, praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, receiving prayers in tongues, and passing on the anointing Pray, prophesy and pray for each other, lay hands on each other, serve and pray for each other, pray for the tunnel of fire, pray for the deliverance of demons, and pray for the sicks, and ask participants to share what they have received in prayer and encourage each other;
  6. During the strong operation of the Holy Spirit, it is normal for some people to fall to the ground, have different physical movements, or have manifestations and releases in the spiritual world. We allow the Holy Spirit to anoint and heal people in the church, making people’s lives more powerful, renewing their sins, and reviving them.

The cases that were healed in the “UPPER ROOM Prayer Altar” in the past include:

  1. Heal long and short feet, heal hand and foot pain, heal insomnia, heal immune system diseases, heal dry disease, heal mobility problems, heal Parkinson’s disease, heal lumbar curvature, heal depression; those who have been oppressed by evil spirits for a long time are healed…etc.
  2. The most important thing is not to heal and cast out demons but to allow participants to experience how real God is, and God is the God who hears prayers. Jesus is the true God, the Lord of healing. It is the four-fold Gospel emphasized by our Christian & Missionary Alliance. Jesus is the only true God, the Lord of salvation, healing, sanctification, and the coming King.

Every Wednesday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, on the church’s second floor of block A.

We sincerely invite you to participate, to pray, worship and experience God together!