Money Offering

The Bible says: God is pleased with those who donate willingly. When we donate money, we must have a willing heart to please God. But what is willingness?

The Old Testament teaches us to put all our tithes into the storehouse. Because the tithe of our income does not belong to us but to God. To fail to give God a tithe of your income is to steal from God.

In the New Testament, willingness does not mean following one’s will, regardless of whether the donated money is one-tenth or not, but the tenth is the basic duty. Put on the attitude. It turns out that God not only looks at people’s appearance but also looks at people’s hearts.

God not only looks at people’s hearts but also looks at people’s behavior. The inner state of mind must be consistent with the behavior.

When it comes to giving money, why are some people able to give willingly and more joyfully and contentedly? What they see is different from what the world sees.

Not looking at tithes is:

  1. Loss of money;
  2. The demands of the church;
  3. Impossible reality;
  4. Forced business.

When looking at tithes, it is:

  1. Everything comes from God;
  2. Natural responsibility;
  3. The part of God’s blessing;
  4. God will reward me more than what I give.

Before you make your offering, declare this prayer in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ:

“Thank you, Lord Jesus! As I lay down my offering today, I thank You for giving me the ability to earn money in this world, and I know that everything comes from You, including all my possessions and life. I want to give a tithe of my income, And the exceeding amount shall be given to you so that the house of God may have food and be used for the Holy work. May you bless me with enough abundance in the world and an endless supply, enter into the abundance of finances, and bless me until There is no room for it. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen!”  

“Shall a man rob God? You rob me of my offering and say, In what have we robbed you of your offering? In your tithes and your offerings. All nations have robbed me of my offerings, and a curse has come upon you. Test me by sending the whole tenth of your tithes into the storehouse, says the LORD of hosts so that I may have food for my house. Open the windows of heaven for you, and pour blessings on you so that there is no place to hold them.” (Matt 3:8-10)  

“I can testify that they gave according to their ability, and beyond their ability, of their own free will.” (2 Corinthians 8:3)  

Dedication method:

  1. Please put the prepared offerings in the offering envelopes and put them in the offering box during Sunday worship.
  2. For online givers, please use “Zelle” to register and give with the church email