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New events (April)

  1. The church prepares a rich feast for everyone on April 14 (Thursday, Passover). We will imitate the seat, the decoration, the food, the customs of Jesus at the Last Supper, and we will eat the food of the Passover in Biblical times and explain the meaning of the Passover. More importantly, the process and details of the Last Supper in the Bible will be described in detail so that everyone has a deeper understanding of the Last Supper and more significance for spiritual growth. Please don’t miss it! Please bring your new friends to come! Please register with the deacons to participate!
  2. April 17 (Sunday) is “Easter.” The church has prepared “Easter” Sunday for everyone. In addition to worship, we will share the meaning of “resurrection” and pray for everyone individually. Please invite your family and friends to come and experience the joy and power of the “resurrection” of the Lord Jesus.