Holistic Health

Holistic Health

What is “Health”?

When God created man, he gave him a spirit, a soul, and a body. However, when people pursue “health” today, they only exercise their bodies, ignoring “mental” health, let alone “spiritual” health.

I have known many Christians in the past who were healthy in body, mind, and spirit, and they were all able to bear good spiritual fruit. However, I have also known many unhealthy Christians, even unhealthy pastors, and evangelists, who, because of their scars, only lead to unhealthy churches. People who are mentally and spiritually unhealthy will cause the church’s interpersonal relationships to break down, turning into disputes, power struggles, chaotic relationships between men and women, secularization, and formalization.

“Holistic Health” includes: a healthy body, mature character, good emotional management ability, good interpersonal relationship, good spirituality, always being close to the Lord, good testimony in life, and positive influence on people… wait. Isn’t this all the teaching of the Bible, which can be obtained by relying on the Holy Spirit?

So let’s enhance our bodies. Improving our psychological, emotional, and spiritual health, strengthening our spirituality, and having an intimate relationship with the Lord will drive the church to become healthy. Because “healthy people” lead to healthy churches, and “healthy churches” shape “healthy people,” the church will surely thrive.

As a pastor and psychologist, I know the importance of spirituality and mental health. In recent years, I have also paid great attention to my health. “Holistic Health” means the health of “body, mind, and soul.” In the development of the church, we cannot ignore those who serve God, and we must pay attention to the health of the whole person. Please take a closer look at the sermon’s videos and PPT slides; let us work together to be healthy people and live a healthy and happy life that pleases the Lord.  

Physical Health: Low Glycemic Diet + Exercise + Good Sleep + Physical check up = Successful Weight Loss + Healthy Body

Focus: Change eating habits and maintain healthy eating and living style

Psychological and Mental Health: Emotional Management + Stress Management + Relationship Training + Psychological Stress Test = Mature Character + High EQ

Focus: Change thinking habits + maintain an optimistic outlook on life

Spiritual Health: Being filled with the Holy Spirit + execuse spiritual authority + holy life + spiritual testing = victorious life + a vessel that God can use

Focus: Change spiritual values + maintain and enhance the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit  

The details are carefully taught in Sunday worship and the church’s teaching.

Bless you!

Rev. Dr. David Yip